Daily Giveaways leading up to the Rewards Exclusives Shop opening!

In June, we are opening the Rewards Exclusives shop which allows our customers to redeem signed cards and exclusive items with the points they have earned buying through our store.

To celebrate this, we are running daily giveaways until the store is open! All you have to do to enter all of these daily giveaways is spend over £25 on the Solve Collectibles website after May 3rd.

Every £25 spent at www.solvecollectibles.com will earn you 1 entry. Each entry will come with an entry number that is unique to you, which will be sent to you the day after your order is placed. If your entry number is chosen as a winner, you will be contacted about receiving your prize!

Every day, we will announce the new daily giveaway. The winners of these giveaways will then be announced every Sunday.

Which giveaways will I be entered in to if I place an order?

Let's say you place an order on Friday 7th May, you will be entered in to all of the daily giveaways that a winner hasn't been chosen for yet and all future daily giveaways announced, until the Rewards Exclusives shop is opened.

As winners are announced on Sunday's this means that you will be entered in to Monday 3rd May, Tuesday 4th May, Wednesday 5th May, Thursday 6th May, Friday 7th May and all future daily giveaways.

What prizes will be given away?

Over £1,000 worth of prizes will be given away between May 3rd and when the Rewards Exclusives shop is opened in June.

Prizes will include Euro 2020 sticker products, Signed Cards, numbered cards and more!

If I win, when should I receive my prize?

Winners will be announced on the Sunday and contacted through email. We will ask you to confirm that you are happy to receive your prize and the address you would like it to be sent to.

Prizes will be shipped every Tuesday for 24 hours delivery, so it should be received on Wednesday.

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