Where to buy Panini Adrenalyn XL 2020/21 cards from?

Whether you're a collector or a shop looking to buy the new Premier League Panini Adrenalyn XL 2020/21 cards, we've got the answers for you in this article!

Last year, Panini UK acquired the licensing rights to make and sell official Premier League trading cards. This was a HUGE change as Topps had previously owned the licence and it meant that Match Attax for the premier league would no longer be!

I think most of us collectors were sad at first, but after seeing what the cards in the Panini Adrenalyn XL collection look like this year, we've soon got over it and bought as many packs as we could!

So... how exactly can I get my hands on these packs and cards?

Well first of all, there's the old fashioned way of buying packs from your local convenience stores. If your local store isn't selling packs from the collection, why not try your nearest Tesco? They are usually pretty good for stocking the Premier League trading cards.

However, if your local store isn't selling them and you can't be bothered heading to the nearest Tesco's, then we've identified the best places you can buy from online...


If you can't wait to open the packs and want to receive them the next day, then Amazon is your best bet! Free next day delivery with Amazon Prime... you've got to love it!

They sell all of the products in this years collection... packs, starter packs, boxes of packs, multipacks, classic tins, pocket tins and countdown calendars.

Solve Collectibles

If you're trying to complete your collection and struggling to find the cards you need in packs.. Solve Collectibles sell all the individual cards from the Panini Adrenalyn XL collection. Panini offers a service on their website where collectors can buy the remaining cards that they need from their websites, however Solve Collectibles sell the cards for cheaper, deliver the cards faster and there's no limit to the number of cards that you can purchase, which is 50 on the Panini website.

Solve Collectibles also sell all the packs and tins from these sets, as well as complete collections, so if you don't have the time to collect the set.. they can hook you up with a complete one!


If you're wanting to buy packs, tins or individual cards for cheap, then eBay is the site for you! There's lots of sellers competing for sales on eBay and collectors selling their duplicate cards to try to claw the money back that they've spent on completing the collection.

Boxes of 70 packs of Panini Adrenalyn XL cards that retail at £70 are selling on eBay for as cheap as £49.99 - wow!... the box may come damaged and take several days to arrive, but it's mega cheap.


What's that now.. you aren't a collector? Oh that's right, collectors aren't the only ones that need to buy the packs, shops do too!

Click Distribution is the main UK distributor for Panini Adrenalyn XL packs. They sell the packs, starter packs, classic tins, multipacks, pocket tins and countdown calendars and can get them to you in 24 hours. They offer free shipping for orders over £250!

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