Finishers Mega Tin Topps Match Attax 2022/2023 + EXCLUSIVE Ash Freestyle Card





About this product

Buy a Mega Tin from the Match Attax 2022/2023 collection and receive a Ash Freestyle Match Attax Influencer card! 1 in every 5 orders will receive a SIGNED version of the card.

The Master Series Finishers Mega Tin contains 70 Match Attax cards including 4 exclusive Master Limited Edition cards! Get the Harry Kane, Karim Benzema, Kylian Mbappé and Robert Lewandowski Match Attax Master Limited Editions inside this tin! Look out for Relic cards only inside Mega Tins – Player Worn Jerseys and Boots plus UCL Title Winners celebratory relics to be found! (1:32 tins)

The NEW Match Attax 2022/2023 collection is bigger and better than ever! Look out for Black Edge Edition cards, Genuine Autograph cards, Relic cards, Pro-Elite Chrome Shield cards, Crystal Parallels and Chrome Preview cards. Also, very special lucky golden tickets to be found inside random packets.