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Customer, Yourself or You​ - refers to you, the person requesting to swap collectible trading cards with us.

The Store, Ourselves, We or Us​ - refers to Solve Collectibles (​​) trading under the legal business name “Ambler Ventures Limited” registered under the company number ​12801788


Swap - ​refers to the transaction between yourself and us where you send us collectible trading cards in exchange for store credit.


The Service ​- refers to the service that you as the customer is using in order to swap your collectible trading cards for store credit.


Collectible Trading Cards​ - refers to any goods that you are shipping to us in exchange for store credit.


Store Credit​ - refers to a discount code that you are offered in exchange for collectible trading cards you want to swap, that you can use to purchase goods from the store.


The Application​ - refers to the form that you need to complete in order to request a swap with us.


The Shipment​ - refers to the package that you send to us that includes the collectible trading cards that you intend to swap

1. Eligibility Requirements

1.1. In order to be eligible for the service we are offering, you need to: 

      1.1.1. Be residented in the UK; 
      1.1.2. Be at least 16 years old; 
      1.1.3. Provide us with an accurate email address and shipping address for yourself. 
1.2. You will provide us with accurate information regarding the collectible trading cards that you would like to swap with us. You promise that you are not specifying that you are sending more or less collectible trading cards then you intend to. 

1.3. Any information that you provide to us when completing the application must be personal to you and relate specifically to you. You will promise that this information will not infringe anyone's rights and will not contain any information that is deemed to be libellous, defamatory, obscene, indecent, harassing or threatening. We have the right to reject a request to swap if we believe the information that you have provided to us breaches these terms. 

2. Application Requirements

2.1. You may submit an application for a swap by completing the form that can be found at ​​ and submitting it by clicking the submit button 
2.2. You must enter all the information required in the form including: 

      2.2.1. Your full name;

      2.2.2. Your email address;

      2.2.3. Your residency address;

      2.2.4. The number of collectible trading cards that you would like to swap. 

2.3. You must intend to use the service once the application has been accepted. 

2.4. The value of the Collectible Trading Cards that you wish to swap must be at least £10 according to our Price Table.

2.5. The residency address must be the same as the shipping address that you intend to use when making a purchase from our website with the store credit you receive from the swap. 

2.6. The number of collectible trading cards that you specify must be relatively accurate and not fabricated, as this figure will be used to calculate which prepaid shipping label you will require. 

2.7. Once your application has been submitted, we will respond within 24 hours letting you know whether your application to use the service has been accepted or rejected. If your application has been accepted, we will provide you with a prepaid shipping label to use when shipping your collectible trading cards to us. 

2.8. Any application where the value of the store credit exchanged as part of the swap would be below £3, will be rejected.

2.9. We have the right to reject any application that we wish to.

3. Fraudulent Applications

3.1. If we believe that your application is subject to fraud, we have the right to reject your application and block you from using all of our services available for use on our website ​​.


4. Collectible Trading Cards

4.1. The collectible trading cards that you swap with us must be: 

      4.1.1. Authentic and not faked; 
      4.1.2. In mint, near mint or excellent condition; 
      4.1.3. Specified in the list of “accepted collectible trading cards” that you can find on our website page


5. Shipping Requirements

5.1. When shipping the collectible trading cards that you want to swap with us, you must: 
      5.1.1. Include all of the collectible trading cards that you mentioned in the application in the shipment; 
      5.1.2. Use the appropriate packaging to ensure that the collectible trading cards aren’t damaged or lost in transit; 
      5.1.3. Use our prepaid postage label to send the shipment to our office address (27 Hargreaves Close, Morley, Leeds, LS27 9TE) through Royal Mail. 

      5.1.4. Send the shipment through Royal Mail within 7 days of your application being accepted and receiving the Pre-Paid postage label through email.

5.2. If you haven't used the Pre-Paid postage label that we send you within 7 days, the Pre-Paid postage label will be no longer valid to use.

5.3. Please refer to our website page ​ for guidance on how to correctly package the collectible trading cards so that they aren’t damaged or lost in transit. 

5.4. We only accept shipments sent through Royal Mail. 

5.5. We do not accept any liability for loss or damage caused to the contents of the shipment in transit to us. Sending the shipment to us will be at your own risk.

6. Our right to refuse collectible trading cards

6.1. We have the right to refuse any of the collectible trading cards that we believe do not meet the requirements set out in clause 4.1. 

6.2. We will request that you pay for the cost of returning any collectible trading cards that we have refused back to you. If we do not receive this payment within 30 days of requesting it, the collectible trading cards that we have refused will be disposed of on day 31. 

6.3. If we have refused the collectible trading cards because we believe them to be fake, we will request that you pay for the costs of shipping the collectible trading cards to us. We have the right to dispose of any collectible trading cards that we believe to be fake immediately upon receipt. 

7. Your right to cancel a Swap

7.1. If you decide that you no longer wish to swap with us, please let us know by sending an email to ​
7.2. If you cancel a swap after we have received the collectible trading cards from you, we will request that you pay for the shipping costs of returning the collectible trading cards to you, as the customer is responsible for shipping costs when a swap is cancelled. 

7.3. A swap may not be cancelled once 48 hours have passed since the date you were issued with the store credit. 

7.4. Any store credit that you were credited with will be nulled if the swap is cancelled. 

8. Store Credit

8.1. Once we have received the collectible trading cards that you wish to swap with us, we will calculate the total value of these collectible trading cards in accordance with our “Price Table” on our website page​.  

8.2. We will send an email to the email address you provided when submitting the application. The email will: 

8.2.1. Specify the total value of the collectible trading cards you have agreed to swap with us; 

8.2.2. Notify you of any collectible trading cards that we have refused and how to make a payment to us in order for these cards to be returned to you; 

8.2.3. Provide you with a discount code that can be used to redeem your store credit; 

8.2.4. Give you instructions on how to use the store credit. 

8.3. Store credit can be used to purchase goods and/or services at​ only. Store credit is not limited to any particular collection or product. 

8.4. Store credit is valid for 24 months from the date that it is issued. 

8.5. Store credit will be provided in the form of a discount code that can be used to make a discounted purchase at checkout on our store. 

8.6.The discount code can only be used once. If the value of your purchase is less than the value of the Store Credit, you may request another discount code to use the remainder of your store credit. 

8.7. Store credit cannot be exchanged for a cash refund. 

8.8. Store credit does not accrue interest. 

8.9. We will not be responsible for any lost or stolen store credit. 

8.10. If an order made using Store Credit is cancelled or returned, the portion of the purchase attributable to the Store Credit will be restored to your account as Store Credit only, and not refunded as cash. 

8.11. We reserve the right to correct the balance of your store credit if we believe that a clerical error has occurred.